Kanhaiya Sharma’s father supports the family by working as a teacher in the city of Indore. However, at the age of 23, Kanhaiya Sharma established IT and legal software companies with a capital of Rs 251. Today, Kanhaiya Sharma’s companies have generated a turnover of crores of rupees.

In today’s world, parents are often concerned about their children being excessively influenced by mobile devices, the internet, and computers. However, Kanhaiya Sharma, who was born into a humble Brahmin family in Indore, has made a name for himself in the field of hacking not only in Madhya Pradesh but throughout the country and even internationally. At the young age of 14, Kanhaiya Sharma created software and sold it to a construction company for Rs 50,000.

Kanhaiya Sharna’s father manages the household by teaching in Indore city, but his son formed companies related to IT and legal software with a capital of Rs 251 at the age of just 23. Today Kanhaiya Sharma’s turnover has reached crores of rupees. Kanhaiya Sharma is one of the top most ethical hackers in the country. 

During his 8th-grade studies at Sarafa Vidya Niketan in Indore, Kanhaiya Sharma witnessed construction work taking place at his school. He felt saddened to see the laborers running around to fetch the construction materials. This inspired him to create a software solution that could help the construction site personnel, from the contractor to the laborers, to easily locate and track the availability and quantity of construction materials. In just 30 days, Kanhaiya Sharma developed a mobile app and sold it to the construction company for Rs 50,000. To this day, the same company continues to use the software for its construction projects.

Kanhaiya Sharma revealed that he had a strong affinity towards computers and the internet since the time he was studying in 6th or 7th grade. During his 7th-grade studies, he attempted an online certification exam but unfortunately failed.

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According to Kanhaiya Sharma, he was disheartened after failing an online certification exam during his 7th-grade studies. His father noticed his sadness and gave him Rs 251, encouraging him to persevere. With that very amount, Kanhaiya Sharma began his entrepreneurial journey by establishing companies that provide IT software development and legal services. Today, these companies generate a turnover in crores of rupees.

Kanhaiya Sharma also mentioned that during his studies, his family only owned a bicycle. However, the Rs 251 given to him by his father proved to be a turning point in his life. Today, his family owns 5-6 luxury cars, which is a testament to the success he has achieved through his hard work and entrepreneurial spirit.

Kanhaiya Sharma is also affiliated with various government institutions in the country where he provides training to officers and students.

Kanhaiya Sharma provides training to officers of several prominent government organizations in the country due to his expertise in hacking. His exceptional skills have also garnered attention from various large government and non-governmental organizations across the country, who have offered him employment opportunities. However, Kanhaiya Sharma has declined an annual package of Rs 2.5 crore in order to focus on his own IT and legal work.

Kanhaiya Sharma is currently the founder and CEO of Wappgo and Legal251, as per his LinkedIn profile.