India boasts an array of prominent brands and products that rival imported goods, with some enjoying decades of market dominance. Among these, Nirma washing powder stands out as a household name, its prosperity built upon the tireless efforts of its creator. Karsanbhai Patel, the man responsible for this popular product, left a stable government position to embark on his entrepreneurial journey. But who exactly is Karsanbhai Patel, the mastermind behind the beloved Nirma washing powder?

Karsanbhai Patel, hailing from Gujarat, India, is an esteemed billionaire entrepreneur with a full name of Karsanbhai Khodidas Patel. He was born in 1945 in Patan and is the mastermind behind the Nirma group, a colossal corporation with significant stakes in cement, detergents, soaps, and cosmetics. Along with his numerous business ventures, Patel is also the distinguished founder and leader of both the Nirma Education and Research Foundation (NERF) and the prestigious Nirma University in Ahmedabad.

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Having earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry, Karsanbhai Patel commenced his professional career as a laboratory assistant. Initially, he worked at New Cotton Mills in Ahmedabad before transitioning to the Geology and Mining Department of the Gujarat government. However, driven by his aspirations, Patel made the bold decision to resign from his government position and pursue his entrepreneurial dream.

It was in the year 1969 when Karsanbhai Patel commenced the production of detergent powder in the confines of his own backyard. Armed with a bicycle, he traversed his local area, peddling his handmade detergent sachets to the doorstep of every household. In memory of his late daughter Nirupama, Patel chose to christen his fledgling enterprise ‘Nirma.’

Karsanbhai Patel’s net worth

As of May 3, 2023, Karsanbhai Patel’s net worth is estimated to be around USD 2.7 billion (approximately Rs 22,070 crore) according to Forbes. In the Forbes Billionaires’ List of 2023, he is ranked at 1104th position. He was also featured in India’s richest list of 2022, where he stood at the 70th position. Patel’s contributions to the business world have not gone unnoticed, as he was bestowed with the prestigious Padma Shri Award in the year 2010. At present, he has entrusted the reins of his prosperous enterprise to his two sons, Rakesh Patel and Hirenbhai Patel.