Neetu Yadav and Kirti Jangra developed Animall during a hackathon conducted by the storytelling platform Prakriti.

The startup, Animall, initially launched from a room in Bengaluru to facilitate the online buying and selling of animals, now boasts an annual income of Rs 565 crore. The Animall app launched three and a half years ago, has facilitated the sale of about 8.5 lakh animals worth Rs 4,000 crore in India.

Anurag Bisoy, Kirti Jangra, Libin V Babu, and Neetu Yadav collaborated on this project for a hackathon. It may surprise you that the top app for the online sale of cows and buffaloes in the country was conceptualized by two girls studying at IIT Delhi. Kirti and Neetu were roommates in the hostel and shared a desire to do something unique with their lives.

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How Was the Animall App Launched?

Neetu Yadav and Kirti Jangra created Animal for a Prakriti hackathon and won both the jury and audience awards. After receiving positive feedback from dairy farmers, they began working on the project in August 2019. The app was launched on a larger scale in November 2019 and gained significant traction. Anurag Bisoy and Libin V Babu also joined the team.

Animall’s website states that the startup has secured Rs 150 crore in funding from Sequoia, Nexuss, SIG, Omnivore, Beanext, and Rocketship. Currently, Animall has about 80 lakh farmers associated with it, and the platform has facilitated the sale of 850,000 animals. On average, Animall generates a monthly revenue of Rs 350 crore.