In a remarkable achievement, Kuldeep Dwivedi, a determined IRS officer, has shown that hard work can conquer any challenge. He comes from Sheikhpura, a small village in Uttar Pradesh, facing financial struggles from a young age. His father, Suryakant Dwivedi, works as a security guard at Lucknow University, earning just 1100 rupees. But he made sure his kids got an education.

Kuldeep’s journey began in 2015 when he cracked the tough UPSC exam, a big deal for a career in India’s civil services. Despite tough competition, he got an impressive All-India Rank of 242 on his first try.

What’s amazing is Kuldeep’s humble background. Among four siblings, he stood out as the brightest, graduating from Allahabad University in 2009. After postgraduate studies in 2011, he focused on preparing for the UPSC exam.

He had limited resources in Allahabad, using a PCO to talk to his family as he didn’t have a mobile phone. But he didn’t give up. His self-study routine paid off, helping him tackle the tough exam.

In August 2016, his formal training started in Nagpur, and, incredibly, Kuldeep achieved this without any coaching. He relied on his determination, borrowing books from others during his preparation.

Kuldeep Dwivedi

Kuldeep Dwivedi’s inspiring story shows the power of not giving up. It breaks barriers, proving that where you come from shouldn’t limit your dreams. His journey from a small village to an IRS officer gives hope to many aspiring civil servants in India.