Lakshmi Venu is the new managing director of a company that produces auto components.

Lakshmi Venu is a successful corporate leader in India and the daughter of Venu Srinivasan, Chairman Emeritus of TVS Group. She heads Sundaram Clayton (SCL).

Venu has an Engineering Management Ph.D. from the University of Warwick & a Yale University graduate. She expanded Sundaram Clayton globally and established a foundry in the US.

Recently promoted to MD, she manages an auto components manufacturer and is credited for enhancing the component quality and establishing partnerships with Cummins, Hyundai, Volvo, Paccar, and Daimler. She led the company’s US operations.

Her hard work is evident in the company’s sales and profits. The last quarter was exceptional with a net profit of Rs 722 crore compared to Rs 83 crore in the previous financial year. The company’s FY22 net profit was Rs 2276 crore, a substantial increase from FY21’s Rs 75.84 crore.

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Her mother is a prosperous businesswoman who inherited the TAFE Group of companies, while she is an economics graduate. Her brother, Sudharshan Venu, is the MD of TVS Group.

In 2018, Lakshmi tied the knot with Mahesh Gogineni in a private ceremony in Jodhpur. Additionally, she holds the position of director at TAFE Motors and Tractors Limited.

As per her company’s website, Lakshmi received training from Sundaram Auto Components Limited, a subsidiary of the TVS Group. She specializes in various areas such as business strategy, corporate affairs, product design, sales, and marketing. The company she leads is a major supplier of aluminum die castings to both automotive and non-automotive industries.