Many smart Indians leaving the country for better opportunities is a big problem. We don’t talk about it enough. People from top engineering and business colleges like IITs and IIMs often go to the US and Europe to find better jobs and opportunities. 

These countries are always looking for talented people. Sometimes, we can’t keep our talented people in India. One example is Malvika Raj Joshi.

Malvika was smart, but she couldn’t get into IIT because she didn’t take the required exams. So, she went to the US and got a scholarship at MIT when she was only 17. 

Even though she couldn’t go to IIT, she had already won three medals in computer programming competitions. She was a super smart student in Mumbai, but her parents took her out of school in 7th grade. Her mother quit her job to teach Malvika at home.

Even though she was so talented, she couldn’t get into IIT. The only Indian institute that accepted her was the Chennai Mathematical Institute (CMI), and they let her join an MSc-level course based on her knowledge. 

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MIT saw her talent in computer programming and accepted her based on her skills, not just her grades or qualifications. She went to MIT in Boston to study for a Bachelor of Science degree, and her medals in the Olympiad helped her get in.