Many students dream of studying at an IIT and work hard for it. One such student from Kolkata, Mohammad Sahil Akhtar, prepared for the JEE exam in class 10 and secured the 99th rank in the All-India merit list for JEE-Advanced 2023. However, instead of joining an IIT, he chose to drop out of the admission process and enroll at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mohammad Sahil Akhtar explained that MIT offers more research opportunities and a flexible curriculum, which influenced his decision. He mentioned that while the common path is to join an IIT for Computer Science Engineering, he discovered alternative options during the IOAA Olympiad in Georgia.

Unlike IIT admissions that rely on entrance tests and ranks, MIT admission is based on factors such as SAT scores, overall academic records, achievements in academics and extracurricular activities, essays, and recommendation letters. Sahil appeared for the Standard Admission Test (SAT) for MIT.

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Having studied at Delhi Public School (DPS) in Kolkata’s Ruby Park, Sahil appeared for the JEE exam in April and recently started a YouTube channel. At MIT, he aims to explore his interests in linguistics and philosophy, supported by a scholarship that makes the cost comparable to studying at an IIT.