In a fantastic journey of hard work and determination, Rashmi Sharma, who left her job at Infosys, one of India’s big tech companies, to take the civil services exam in Himachal Pradesh, is now the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP).

Originally from Mandi district in Himachal Pradesh, Rashmi’s dedication and hard work helped her pass the Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services (HAS) exam, landing her a job in the state police force.

Born on February 2, 1986, in Sarkaghat, Rashmi bravely left her well-paying job at Infosys to focus on exam preparation. Her family in Mandi supported her all the way. Her dad, Devraj Bharadwaj, retired as the Chief Manager from SBI, and her mom was a teacher. Rashmi’s siblings are also successful – her older sister is a vet, and her younger brother is an engineer.

Rashmi married Suryakant Sharma in 2011, who works as a senior executive engineer in the electricity department. With a seven-year-old son, Rashmi, a B.Tech graduate in Computer Science, started her career in the private sector in 2008. She took a break in 2020 while working for Infosys, according to News18.

While at Infosys, Rashmi initially faced setbacks in the exam but later decided to focus all her time on preparation. With support from her in-laws, her whole family helped take care of her son, allowing her to concentrate on studying.

Image Source: News18 Hindi News

Rashmi’s dedication paid off, and now she’s a DSP in the Mandi district, going through a six-month probation period.