In India, people respect those who work in government jobs. The exam to become an IAS officer, conducted by UPSC, is super tough. Lots of students try the exam each year, but only a few hundred pass it and become civil servants. Some take a year off to focus on studying, while others face tough situations and still manage to prepare and pass. Here’s the story of Ram Bhajan Kumhara, who faced many challenges but still ranked 667th in the UPSC exam.

Ram Bhajan comes from a small village in Rajasthan called Bapi. He and his mother had a tough life without proper housing. Despite these difficulties, Ram Bhajan didn’t give up. He achieved the 667th rank in the UPSC exam.

Ram Bhajan’s journey is inspiring. He came from a poor village and now has a government job. This is even more inspiring considering his past as a daily-wage worker. According to Zee News, he shared his story of hard work and determination in an interview with Dainik Bhaskar.

Image Source: Ommcom News

Years ago, Ram Bhajan and his mother worked as daily laborers. He would break stones, and his mother would carry heavy loads. He once had to move 25 cartons of stones every day. Despite his commitment, he earned only Rs 5 to Rs 10 per day, which wasn’t enough for a proper meal.

Ram Bhajan’s father died during the Covid-19 crisis, and the family, surviving on income from raising goats, fell into severe poverty. They had no choice but to do manual labor to survive.

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After years of dedication and struggle, Ram Bhajan became a constable in the Delhi Police. But he didn’t stop there. He started preparing for the UPSC exams and, on his eighth attempt, passed the IAS exams in 2022. His success not only improved his family’s financial situation but also marked an incredible achievement.