Manzil Saini is currently serving in the National Security Guard (NSG) based in Delhi. Following her successful completion of the UPSC examination, she began her career as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Moradabad.

Manzil Saini, an IPS officer of the Uttar Pradesh cadre, has recently garnered attention once again. She achieved success in her first attempt at the UPSC examination in 2005 and was a gold medalist at the Delhi School of Economics. Previously, she completed her graduation in Physics with Honors from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi. From May 18, 2016, to May 27, 2017, Saini held the position of Lucknow SSP. Following a CBI recommendation, a departmental inquiry has been initiated against her in connection with the case involving the shooting death of businessman Shravan Sahu on February 1, 2017, in Lucknow.

Manzil Saini is presently serving in the National Security Guard (NSG) in Delhi. Her initial posting, after clearing the UPSC examination, was as an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) in Moradabad.

In the year 2000, Manzil Saini entered into a love marriage with Jaspal Dehal, whom she had studied with at the Delhi School of Economics. Following her time at the institution, Saini worked in the corporate sector for a duration of three years.

Manzil Saini and Jaspal Dehal are proud parents of a daughter and a son. After working in the private sector for three years, Saini decided to resign and dedicate herself to preparing for the UPSC exam, which she successfully cleared on her first attempt.

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During her early career, Saini gained national recognition for exposing a kidney theft racket. Displaying immense bravery, she conducted raids in hospitals in Meerut and Noida, effectively dismantling the operation and saving countless lives. Saini has also served during the challenging period of the Muzaffarnagar riots in her posting.

What is the current controversy around Manzil Saini?

The challenges for former SSP Manzil Saini may escalate regarding the high-profile Shravan Sahu murder case in Lucknow. Departmental proceedings against ex-Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manzil Saini have gained momentum. As performer DGP Vikram Singh, if an IPS officer is found guilty in such cases, departmental action can range from penalties to dismissal. The CBI investigation into the 2017 Shravan Sahu murder case concluded that Manzil Saini, the then SSP, was responsible due to negligence in providing security for Shravan Sahu. During her tenure in Lucknow, she gained the moniker of “Lady Singham” among the public.

Based on the investigation conducted by the CBI, it was concluded that the former SSP Manzil Saini was found guilty in the matter concerning the provision of security to Shravan Sahu. As a result, the CBI recommended taking departmental action against Manzil Saini.

Prior to the UP assembly elections in 2017, Shravan Sahu, a businessman from Saadatganj, Lucknow, was fatally shot by unknown individuals. Previously, his son Ayush had been murdered, and Shravan Sahu was an eyewitness seeking justice for his son’s killers. Threats to his life were made by the perpetrators. Despite informing the police, adequate security measures were not provided. It is reported that Shravan Sahu had personally requested security from the then SSP Manzil Saini and the DM. Tragically, on February 1, 2017, assailants on a motorcycle entered his shop and murdered Shravan Sahu.