He faced setbacks by failing his college entrance exam twice before eventually achieving success.

Jack Ma is a prominent figure in the business world, famous for co-founding Alibaba Group, a global e-commerce giant. However, his path to success wasn’t without hurdles. Born in September 1964 in Hangzhou, China, Ma encountered early obstacles, including failing the college entrance exam twice. Nevertheless, he persevered and ultimately gained admission to Hangzhou Teachers College.

Ma’s determination and self-motivation were driving forces in his life. He independently learned English at a young age and honed his skills by providing free guided tours to American tourists and listening to Voice of America broadcasts. His fluency in English presented opportunities, including a part-time role as an interpreter for Chinese and American businessmen in 1995. It was during a visit to a friend’s house in Seattle that Ma’s fascination with computers and the internet began, igniting his curiosity and interest.

In 1999, Jack Ma established Alibaba.com, a B2B marketplace, with the collaboration of 18 co-founders who collectively invested $60,000. The platform experienced rapid growth and amassed one million users by 2002. Capitalizing on this achievement, Ma expanded Alibaba’s reach in the consumer market by introducing Taobao.com, a retail website, and Alipay, an online payment platform.

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In an effort to bolster Alibaba’s position, Jack Ma initiated discussions with Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo, for a potential partnership with a search engine. In 2005, Yahoo acquired a 40 percent stake in Alibaba Group for $1 billion. However, tensions arose as Alibaba flourished while Yahoo faced challenges from competitors like Google. Ma attempted to repurchase the stake from Yahoo, but the endeavor proved unsuccessful.

Further complications ensued when Ma transferred Alipay to a separate company under his control in 2011 to secure an online payment operating license. This move led to disputes with Yahoo, who claimed that the transfer diluted their investment. After negotiations, Ma decided to compensate Yahoo with $7.1 billion in 2012 for their stake in Alibaba.

The landmark initial public offering (IPO) of Alibaba took place in 2014, setting a record as the largest IPO worldwide. Following his achievements, Jack Ma relinquished his role as Alibaba CEO in 2013 and subsequently as chairman in 2019. Alongside his business ventures, Ma maintains a strong dedication to education and has expressed his intention to resume teaching at some point in the future.

According to Forbes, Jack Ma is ranked 66th among the world’s wealthiest individuals, with a net worth of $34.5 billion. He is also recognized as the sixth-richest person in China. Ma has solidified his reputation as a prominent figure in the business world through his entrepreneurial drive, determination, and significant contributions to the e-commerce industry. Currently, as mentioned on the university’s website, Jack Ma, the co-founder of Alibaba Group Holding, has assumed the role of a visiting professor at the University of Tokyo’s Tokyo College.