Harsh Mariwala’s grandfather, Vallabhdas Vasanji, migrated from Kutch to Mumbai in 1862, where he gained recognition for his pepper business.

Harsh Mariwala, the founder of Marico Limited, has achieved remarkable success by turning a small-scale business into a consumer goods powerhouse. His inspiring entrepreneurial journey showcases the transformative power of innovation, hard work, and taking calculated risks, proving that success can be attained under any circumstances.

Harsh Mariwala’s grandfather, Vallabhdas Vasanji, migrated from Kutch to Mumbai in 1862 and gained recognition through his pepper business. Due to his involvement in the pepper trade, people started referring to him as ‘Mariwala’ in Gujarati. In 1948, Harsh Mariwala’s father and three of his brothers established Bombay Oil Industries Limited. Later, in 1975, Charandas initiated the consumer products business.

Harsh Mariwala ventured into the spice trade initially, but his ambition led him to greater accomplishments. In 1990, he founded Marico Limited, introducing the iconic coconut oil brand Parachute, which has become synonymous with households across India.

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Expanding into various sectors such as haircare, skincare, and wellness, Harsh Mariwala propelled Marico Limited to become a prominent consumer goods company operating in approximately 25 countries.

Marico Limited boasts a diverse portfolio of brands spanning hair care, male grooming, health foods, skin care, edible oils, and fabric care. Among its well-known brands are Livon, Set Wet, Saffola, Parachute, Mediker Hair & Care, Nihar, and Revive.

In the fiscal year 2021-22, Marico achieved a turnover of approximately Rs 9,500 crore (USD 1.3 billion). Forbes estimates Harsh Mariwala’s net worth at around Rs 26,000 crore. Marico Limited’s market capitalization stands at approximately Rs 68,500 crore.