Monika Shergill completed her schooling in Meerut before relocating to New Delhi’s Miranda House for her undergraduate studies. She subsequently pursued a course in journalism.

India has emerged as the fastest-growing market for Netflix worldwide. The company, with a global revenue surpassing Rs 2.6 lakh crore, has reported that the highest number of new subscribers in 2022 came from the country. Monika Shergill, Vice President of Content, has played a pivotal role in driving this remarkable growth.

Monika Shergill was born in Meerut district, Uttar Pradesh, India. During her childhood, she had a black-and-white television, through which she would watch Doordarshan, the national broadcaster of India. One of her favourite shows was “The World This Week” as it provided her with a glimpse into the world beyond. In an interview with Forbes, she shared her deep passion for storytelling, expressing her lifelong desire to tell stories.

After completing her schooling in Meerut, Monika Shergill relocated to Miranda House in New Delhi to pursue her graduation. Subsequently, she enrolled in a journalism course.

Monika Shergill embarked on her career as a correspondent and producer, specializing in documentary filmmaking during the mid-1990s. Not shying away from challenging assignments, she courageously undertook risky projects. One notable example is her reporting on the issue of illegal mining in Dhanbad.

Prior to joining Netflix, Monika Shergill served as the Head of Content at Viacom18 Digital Ventures for a period of five years. She also worked as a creative consultant for Star India for an impressive duration of seven years and eight months. Additionally, she held the position of Creative Director at Sony Entertainment Television.

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In a previous interview, Monika Shergill acknowledged and credited her parents for enabling her to embark on an adventurous journey in her career.

Monika Shergill is widely recognized for her significant contributions to the success of the company in India. In 2022, Netflix experienced a remarkable 25 per cent increase in annual revenue, largely attributed to the success of Indian content such as “Monica, O My Darling,” “Jamtara: Season 2,” and “RRR.” The company has amassed a substantial subscriber base of 6 million in India.

The path to success was not without challenges. When Monika Shergill assumed leadership at Netflix India, the company was primarily recognized for two series, “Sacred Games” and “Delhi Crime.” However, she strategically prioritized the development of a strong team. Working collectively, they delved into understanding the preferences of the Indian audience and forged partnerships with adept storytellers who resonated with the viewers’ expectations.

In an interview with Variety, Monika Shergill explained the reasoning behind Netflix’s decision not to participate in heavily discounted bundling and low-value plans. She expressed the belief that these tactics aimed at acquiring users quickly are not viable in the long run. Instead, the company’s focus lies in achieving sustained growth by continually enhancing the value provided by Netflix to its subscribers.

Monika Shergill stated that Netflix aims to expand its presence in tier-two cities in India. To achieve this, the company has been running targeted promotions in these regions. Additionally, they have been acquiring films that specifically cater to the preferences and interests of these markets, ensuring a wider appeal and engagement.