Mukesh Bansal, an entrepreneur whose influence reverberates across social media, has become a prominent figure, particularly through his successful podcast series featuring conversations with fellow entrepreneurs. While his podcast has garnered considerable attention, it is only one facet of Bansal’s entrepreneurial journey, which has seen him create startups valued at over Rs 18,000 crore. A graduate of IIT Kanpur, Bansal’s initial professional foray led him to Deloitte in Chicago, gaining valuable experience in Silicon Valley companies before embarking on his entrepreneurial ventures.

In 2007, Bansal joined forces with Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena to establish Myntra, a platform that has evolved into one of India’s leading destinations for clothing and accessories. Myntra, initially conceived as a gifting platform, underwent a transformative journey, ultimately catching the attention of major players in the e-commerce space. The pinnacle of Myntra’s success came with its acquisition by Flipkart in a monumental Rs 2,730 crore deal. Post-acquisition, Mukesh Bansal assumed the role of Head of Commerce and Advertising Business at Flipkart, contributing significantly to the platform’s revenue, which surpassed Rs 41,364 crore.

However, Bansal’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to drive him forward, leading to the founding of Cure Fit, a health and fitness company. Under the Cure Fit umbrella, multiple brands emerged, including Eat Fit and, a highly successful gym chain with a widespread presence across the country. The gym chain’s success caught the attention of Tata Digital, resulting in a substantial investment that elevated the valuation of Cult. Fit and Cure Fit to Rs 12,411 crore. This strategic investment by Tata Digital amounted to Rs 620 crore, propelling Mukesh Bansal’s net worth to over Rs 4,200 crore.

Mukesh Bansal’s journey stands as a testament to his ability to navigate and excel in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship. From the inception of Myntra to the success of Cure Fit, his ventures have not only made a significant impact on the business landscape but have also earned him a position among the most successful serial entrepreneurs in India. As Bansal continues to shape the entrepreneurial narrative through his ventures and engaging podcast series, his influence and contributions to the industry remain noteworthy.