Gangadhar, with over twenty years of experience, has primarily collaborated with prominent American digital giants such as Google, Uber, and Amazon.

Narayan Gangadhar has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of 5paisa Capital to strengthen its innovative IT platform and accelerate its digital evolution. With over twenty years of experience, Gangadhar has primarily collaborated with renowned American digital giants such as Google, Uber, and Amazon.

Who is Narayan Gangadhar?

Narayan Gangadhar, based in the San Francisco Bay Area of the United States, possesses extensive experience of over 20 years, with a significant portion spent working for prominent global software companies. As the Head of Engineering at Uber, Mr. Gangadhar supervised a team of 1,000 talented individuals who focused on developing essential engineering platforms, core APIs, and cloud solutions to facilitate the company’s operations across over 500 locations worldwide. Prior to his current role, Gangadhar held the position of CEO at Angel One before stepping down in February.

Narayan Gangadhar: Education and Qualification

Narayan Gangadhar graduated from Mumbai University with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. According to his LinkedIn profile, he pursued a Master’s degree in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He embarked on his professional journey with Microsoft, where he occupied several engineering roles.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Gangadhar served as a Senior Director at Google, where he held responsibility for cloud engineering and infrastructure. In this role, he oversaw the backend technology and externally accessible cluster-based computing products. Furthermore, he held the position of Director of Engineering at Amazon, where he played a key role in the development of the Amazon Relational Database Service.

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