Every year, numerous candidates overcome hurdles and challenges to successfully pass the UPSC Civil Services test, considered the world’s most challenging recruitment exam. Many individuals dedicate years to preparing for this formidable test, and there are stories of candidates excelling in the IAS/IPS exam while juggling their professions.

One such inspiring tale is that of Neha Bhosle, who triumphed in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Neha’s journey is a beacon of motivation, reflecting her achievements and unwavering determination to succeed in all her pursuits.

Who is Neha Bhosle?

Meet IAS Neha Bhosle

Neha Bhosle, a Mumbai native, exhibited a passion for learning from an early age. Opting for science in her eleventh and twelfth grades, she later pursued an engineering degree at Mumbai University. After completing her engineering, she achieved an outstanding 99.36 percentile on the CAT and secured a coveted spot at the esteemed IIM Lucknow for her MBA. Following her MBA, Bhosle dedicated three years to working for an Indian corporation.

IAS Neha Bhosle: UPSC Preparation

While immersed in her professional commitments, Neha developed an interest in attempting the UPSC CSE. Juggling a full-time job, she took her first shot at the UPSC exam in 2017, but success eluded her. Undeterred by failure, Neha decided to intensify her efforts and committed to resigning from her job to focus entirely on her UPSC preparation.

In 2019, Neha’s perseverance bore fruit when she secured an All India rank (AIR) of 15 in her third attempt at the UPSC CSE. Currently, IAS Neha Bhosle holds the position of Assistant Collector and PO for ITDP-Kinwat in Nanded, Maharashtra.

Neha Bhosle’s journey exemplifies the resilience and determination required to navigate the challenging path of UPSC preparation. Her story serves as a source of inspiration for aspirants, showcasing that with unwavering dedication, one can overcome obstacles and achieve success in the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Exam.