Villa Vari once belonged to the daughter of the renowned Greek shipping tycoon, Onassis.

Pankaj and Radhika Oswal, a billionaire couple of Indian origin residing in Switzerland, have meticulously constructed a residence that ranks among the world’s ten most opulent and costly homes. With a staggering value of $200 million (approximately 1,649 crores), the Swiss mansion known as ‘Villa Vari’ was masterfully designed by Jeffrey Wilkes, renowned for his work on iconic establishments such as Oberoi Rajvilas, Oberoi Udaivilas, and Leela Hotels.

The illustrious ‘Villa Vari’ once belonged to the daughter of Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping magnate. The interior of the mansion has been extravagantly reimagined by the talented designer Jeffrey Wilkes.

This exceptional countryside retreat is equally grand and luxurious, encompassing an expansive 40,000 square meters and offering breathtaking views of the snow-capped Mt Blanc mountain range. It emanates opulence from every corner and epitomizes the pinnacle of magnificence.

The Oswal family, led by Pankaj Oswal, possesses a substantial business portfolio spanning petrochemicals, real estate, fertilizers, and mining, amounting to a reputed net worth of over $3 billion. Despite their considerable wealth, they prefer to live discreet lives, shrouded in secrecy.

In their grandest property, Villa Vari, located in the scenic Swiss village of Gingins within the Canton of Vaud, the Oswals have remained connected to their heritage by incorporating Vaastu principles. This expansive estate, the largest in the Canton of Vaud, boasts a privileged location just 15 minutes away from the enchanting lakeside city of Geneva.

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Having resided in Switzerland for the past decade, Pankaj and Radhika Oswal, an accomplished power couple in their forties, have found solace in their splendid new abode, Villa Vari, which they named after their cherished daughters Vasundhara, 24, and Ridi, 18.

Vasundhara, who achieved distinction in her finance major, quickly ascended to executive director roles at PRO Industries and Axis Minerals. Meanwhile, Ridi, a talented singer-songwriter blending Indo-Western pop styles, is currently pursuing a chemical engineering degree at a prestigious university in London. Their daughters showcase both academic prowess and artistic talents, further enriching the Oswal family’s dynamic presence.

Within the multibillion-dollar global conglomerate known as “Oswal Group Global,” an array of successful businesses thrives. Noteworthy among them are “PRO Industries PTE LTD,” which boasts ownership of East Africa’s largest modern ethanol plant, “Axis Minerals,” actively engaged in one of West Africa’s most significant bauxite mining ventures, and “Burrup Fertilisers,” an Australian-based company recognized for producing the world’s highest volume of liquid ammonia.

Beyond their business pursuits, the Oswal family embarked on a mission to revitalize “Villa Vari” and transform it into a grand estate that pays homage to their Indian heritage while exuding flamboyance, glamour, and exhilaration. Their vision is to create a magnificent residence that resonates with their ancestry, captivating all who enter with its resplendent charm and vibrant energy.