Vijay Kedia was deeply touched when he witnessed his wife’s resourcefulness in collecting coins to purchase milk.

This is the remarkable tale of a man who once found himself without Rs 14 to purchase milk for his child, but today boasts a net worth exceeding Rs 800 crore. This is the inspiring story of Vijay Kedia, who amassed this substantial wealth through his astute intellect and profound understanding of the market. Vijay Kedia did not engage in selling goods or services, nor did he possess prestigious degrees from IIT or IIM. Instead, armed solely with his sharp mind and a determination to succeed in life, he forged his path to prosperity. Who exactly is Vijay Kedia, and what are the remarkable circumstances that led to his remarkable wealth?

Vijay Kedia, a native of Kolkata, was born into a family where his father worked as a stockbroker. However, tragedy struck when his father passed away while Vijay was in Class 10. Overwhelmed by the shock of losing his father, he failed his Class 10 examination. Eventually, he got married, and he and his wife welcomed a child into their lives. Unfortunately, their financial circumstances were so dire that Vijay couldn’t even afford Rs 14 to purchase milk for his son. To make ends meet, he had to resort to selling his mother’s gold ornaments. It seemed as though there was no way out of this desperate situation.

During this challenging period, Vijay Kedia found himself living in a cramped room with six other people. These circumstances arose from the losses he suffered in the share market. However, Vijay’s determination and resilience helped him rise above these financial hardships, eventually paving the way for a brighter future.

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Moved by the determination of his wife, who managed to collect coins to purchase milk, Kedia was deeply touched. This incident served as a catalyst for his decision to leave Kolkata and embark on a journey to Mumbai, in search of better opportunities and a chance to change his fortunes.

Fortune smiled upon Kedia in 1992 when the share market witnessed a bullish trend. Recognizing the opportunity to capitalize on this favorable market condition, he made a strategic move. Kedia purchased shares of Punjab Tractors when the price stood at Rs 35 per share. As luck would have it, he sold these shares at a staggering 500 percent premium. With the profits gained from this transaction, he then ventured into acquiring shares of ACC. This investment turned out to be immensely fruitful as the share price of ACC soared by a remarkable 1000 percent. Through these astute investment decisions, Kedia accumulated substantial wealth, reaping the rewards of his shrewdness in the market.

After purchasing a house in Mumbai, Kedia brought his family from Kolkata to join him. However, his journey was not without its setbacks. When the share market faced a collapse, he found himself once again losing everything he had gained. Despite this setback, Kedia refused to be disheartened. In 2002-2003, the market experienced another bullish phase, and he seized the opportunity to invest in three specific shares that yielded massive gains. With each successful investment, he continued to strengthen his portfolio and accumulate profits.

Today, Vijay Kedia’s net worth has soared to over Rs 800 crore, cementing his status as one of the most esteemed and respected investors in the country. Building upon his extensive experience and knowledge, he established Kedia Securities, a company that further propelled his success and ultimately contributed to his millionaire status.