The Spanish influencer expressed her desire to reintroduce it into her body.

During a podcast discussion, Paula Gonu, a Spanish content producer, made a surprising revelation that she cooked and consumed a portion of her own knee that had been amputated during surgery due to an illness. The 30-year-old influencer prepared spaghetti bolognese for herself and her partner, incorporating a piece of her own meniscus, which is the cartilage in the knee.

During the ‘CLUB 113’ podcast on YouTube, Gonu revealed that following the surgery, her doctor inquired if she wished to keep the amputated piece. Recalling the conversation, she stated, “I told him ‘Yes.'” The surgeon subsequently preserved the cartilage in alcohol, ensuring its longevity. After a week had passed, Gonu made the decision to consume the piece of cartilage, emphasizing her belief that it was a part of her and expressing a desire to reintegrate it into her body.

She informed her partner that she expressed her intention to consume the amputated piece, explaining that it held significance as a part of her body and she felt the need to reintegrate it into her system.

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She went on to share that she proceeded to incorporate the amputated piece into a Bolognese dish, which she and her partner consumed. Her intention was to have the personal experience of being able to say that she had eaten a portion of her own meniscus. Additionally, the influencer justified her choice by comparing it to the consumption of bones and cartilage from other animals, stating that since such practices are commonly accepted, she did not perceive her own actions as peculiar.

The response from netizens was mixed upon learning about the influencer’s unusual act. One user humorously remarked, “At what point did I decide that it was a good idea to watch this over dinner?” implying a sense of surprise and disbelief. Another user made a play on the popular saying, stating, “You are what you eat,” in a light-hearted manner, highlighting the eccentricity of the situation.