Extraordinary 11-year-old Australian entrepreneur, Pixie Curtis, is making headlines as she plans an extravagant retirement party for her upcoming 12th birthday. Pixie’s Fidgets, the toy company she co-founded with her mother, Roxy Jacenko, back in 2021, has become a multimillion-dollar empire, known for selling bows and fidget spinners during the pandemic.

Pixie’s decision to step away from her booming business and focus on her education has drawn attention worldwide. Her retirement party, a unique celebration, will showcase her entrepreneurial flair.

Pixie plans to hand out luxurious goodie bags sponsored by the prestigious Australian beauty brand, MCoBeauty, each valued at over $50 (approximately Rs 4,112). The bags contain a lavish assortment of skincare products, including a six-piece brush set, bronzing drops, a 2-in-1 glow lip treatment, and lip balm.

According to News.com.au, Pixie earns an astounding sum of more than $133,000 per month (approximately Rs 1,09,40,546) as of 2023. Her success story has gathered a massive following of 140k on her Instagram account, where she shares glimpses of her ultra-luxurious lifestyle.

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Pixie’s mother, Roxy Jacenko, suggested the idea of combining her birthday with a retirement party, adding a touch of uniqueness to the occasion. Despite her young age, Pixie owns a Mercedes Benz, further showcasing her remarkable achievements.

As Pixie prepares to take a step back from her business, she becomes an inspiration to aspiring young entrepreneurs, proving that age is no barrier to success. Her birthday-cum-retirement party promises to be a grand affair, celebrating both her accomplishments and the exciting future that lies ahead.