Preeti Beniwal is an inspiring individual who conquered obstacles in her life to achieve her childhood aspiration of cracking the UPSC.

UPSC participants work hard by either studying for long hours or cutting down on luxuries and distractions. Many learners are currently preparing for the UPSC Prelims test 2023, which is scheduled to take place in a month.

Many applicants have succeeded in achieving their goals despite facing various obstacles. Preeti Beniwal is one such inspiring individual who overcame challenges to accomplish her objectives.

Who is Preeti Beniwal?

Preeti grew up in the village of Dupedi in Haryana and attended a private school in Fafdana, a nearby hamlet. She completed her 10th grade in Panipat, where her father worked in the Thermal Plant, and received excellent grades. After finishing 12th grade in Matlauda, Preeti pursued B.Tech and M.Tech degrees with honors from Israna College.

Preeti had a sharp mind and consistently achieved high scores throughout her childhood. Her mother, Babita, worked at an Anganwadi in the area. After completing an MTech, Preeti secured a clerk position at Grameen Bank in 2013, where she worked until 2016 in Bahadurgarh.

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In 2016, Preeti was selected for the role of Assistant General II in FCI, where she served until January 2021 in Karnal. She was then chosen for the position of Assistant Section Officer at the Ministry of External Affairs in January 2021. According to media reports, she began working in the Delhi Ministry of External Affairs in 2021.

She Was Motivated by the Life-Altering Event That Happened to Her

In December 2016, Preeti was scheduled to take an exam in Ghaziabad for departmental promotion at FCI when she met with a tragic train accident. She slipped at the Ghaziabad train station and fell in front of the train, and unfortunately, her body was run over by three train cars.

Preeti underwent 14 surgeries and also required a bypass after the accident. She was bedridden for a year and her marriage failed. Despite facing these challenges, Preeti decided to pursue her dream of cracking the UPSC exam. After two unsuccessful attempts, she finally succeeded and secured an All India Rank (AIR) of 754 in 2020. She was motivated by her father Suresh Kumar throughout her journey.