One’s education can play a crucial role in shaping their career, and with hard work and determination, achieving one’s dream job is possible. A young individual from Kota, Rajasthan, exemplifies this success story as he now earns Rs. 50 lakhs every month. Rachit Agarwal, a resident of Kota, was able to secure a package worth Rs. 6 crores. Here’s how he did it.

Who is Ranchit Agarwal?

Rachit Agarwal hails from the Shakti Nagar neighborhood in Kota, Rajasthan. His mother, Sangeeta Aggarwal, is a homemaker while his father, Rajesh Aggarwal, owns a food packaging firm in Kota. Rachit has consistently excelled in his academics and completed his initial education in Kota before preparing for engineering entrance exams. Around this time, Rachit made the decision to enroll in a university in the United States.

Received scholarship of Rs 2 crore

Rachit prepared for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), a mandatory exam for admission to universities in the United States. Rachit’s exceptional performance in the test earned him a scholarship worth Rs. 2 crore, which he utilized to enroll in the University of Texas at Arlington. What sets Rachit’s academic journey apart is his choice to pursue not only computer science but also philosophy and economics during his time at the university.

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While attending school in Kota, Rachit Agarwal participated in several coding competitions and emerged victorious. In addition to this, Rachit founded three other businesses and successfully raised funds for them. Along with his studies, he completed five years of internships in major cryptocurrency companies for two of his startups. Rachit concluded his studies in May of last year.

Earns Rs 50 lakh rupees per month

After completing his studies and earning his degree, Rachit applied for jobs at several companies. Although he received numerous job offers, Rachit ultimately signed a Rs. 6 crore contract with a major corporation. As part of this package, Rachit earns Rs. 1 lakh 66 thousand each day and Rs. 50 lakh per month. Rachit is currently part of a software coding team employed by a multinational corporation based in the United States.