In a groundbreaking moment for telecom mogul Sunil Bharti Mittal, it was his younger brother Rajan Mittal who made a pivotal move by submitting the bid of “two tempo loads of boxes” at Delhi’s Sanchar Bhawan when Airtel secured the cellular license in 1992.

While Sunil Mittal may be the prominent figure associated with the Rs 4.5 lakh crore market cap of Bharti Airtel, the success story of the telecom sector is attributed to not just one individual but a trio of brothers from Ludhiana, Punjab. Among them, Rajan Mittal, the youngest brother, holds the position of Vice Chairman at Bharti Enterprises, contributing significantly to the company’s achievements.

Despite being less recognized in the public eye, Rajan Mittal is a notable business tycoon in his own right, amassing a formidable fortune. At the age of 63, his net worth is approximately $4.1 billion dollars (over Rs 33,670 crore) as of May 2023, which is slightly less than that of his renowned brother.

Rajan Mittal, a first-generation entrepreneur, completed his graduation from Punjab University. Together with his brothers Sunil and Rakesh, he laid the foundation of Bharti Enterprises, a business that would eventually grow into a multi-billion dollar empire. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing bicycle parts and engaging in import business. However, in 1984, they took a significant leap and entered the telecom industry, introducing landline phones with push buttons to India, marking a notable milestone in the country’s telecommunications landscape.

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In 1992, a pivotal moment arose when their company successfully obtained a mobile license from the Indian government, marking a significant turning point. It was Rajan Mittal who played a crucial role by personally submitting the Airtel bid, which reportedly consisted of “two tempo loads of boxes,” at Sanchar Bhawan in Delhi, as disclosed by Sunil Mittal. Recognizing his valuable contributions, Rajan Mittal was promoted to the position of vice-chairman in 2008. In this role, he assumed responsibility for Bharti’s realty, cash and carry, and retail businesses.

Rajan Mittal plays a highly active role in overseeing the diverse operations of the conglomerate, which extends beyond the telecom industry and encompasses areas such as Digital Solutions, Financial Services, Real Estate, and Space Communications. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he is an esteemed alumnus of the renowned Harvard Business School. Rajan Mittal is married and blessed with two sons, further extending his family legacy.