Rakshith Dattatreya Hegde has achieved remarkable success by securing one of the highest placement packages among students in Bengaluru, the capital city of Karnataka. His outstanding accomplishment highlights his talent and potential in the professional arena.

This placement season, students from various engineering colleges across India, including the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology centers, have secured lucrative job offers. Among the engineering colleges in Bengaluru, Rakshith Dattatreya Hegde from RV College of Engineering has distinguished himself by securing one of the highest placement packages in the city. This accomplishment showcases his exceptional skills and sets him apart as a standout talent in the field of engineering.

Rakshith Hegde, currently in his fifth semester pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Information Technology from RVCE, has achieved an extraordinary feat. He has secured a remarkable job offer with a staggering annual salary of Rs 90 lakh. This exceptional employment opportunity was extended to Rakshith by UiPath, a renowned multinational software company headquartered in New York, specializing in robotic process automation (RPA) software. This record-breaking offer stands as a testament to Rakshith’s exceptional skills and talent in the field, opening up exciting prospects for his future career.

During Rakshith’s college days, they co-founded and played a significant role in the development of Studybear, an “Academic Productivity Platform for Computer Science-related engineering students.” With a vision to revolutionize the path to becoming an IT engineer, Studybear aims to transform the traditional approach to education. Rakshith, while discussing Studybear, emphasizes their goal of reshaping the educational journey for aspiring engineers in the field of computer science.

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According to Rakshith Hegde’s LinkedIn profile, he currently holds the position of ‘Upcoming SWE Intern’ at UiPath. Additionally, he serves as a Senior Associate at the Entrepreneurship Cell in his college, RVCE. Rakshith has actively contributed to the field of education as an Academic Support Volunteer for Make A Difference, a non-profit organization. Moreover, he has also dedicated his time and efforts as a volunteer for Covid Seva, another non-profit initiative. Rakshith’s diverse involvement showcases his commitment to professional growth, entrepreneurial endeavors, and making a positive impact through his participation in various social initiatives.