Ramya R, the daughter of a farmer from Tamil Nadu, has made history by securing a high-paying job with Singapore-based firm Tolaram Group during the placement season at IIM Sambalpur. She has been offered a record-breaking salary package of Rs 64.15 lakhs to work in Nigeria.

Ramya R is originally from Salem, Tamil Nadu. She successfully cleared five to six rounds of interviews to secure her position at Tolaram Group. Her excellent management and analytical skills are what made her eligible for the record-breaking package.

Ramya, who is 22 years old, stated in an interview that “typically, women from my village don’t pursue higher education, but that’s changing, and I hope to see more women like me stepping forward to pursue their studies.”

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As per reports, Ramya R has secured the highest international package in her batch at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Sambalpur. Ramya is set to begin her job in Nigeria from May.

Ramya R, who hails from Namakkal in Tamil Nadu, pursued literature before joining IIM. Notably, Ramya R is the first graduate in her family.

Ramya R expressed her gratitude towards IIM Sambalpur and the faculty who helped her during her journey. She credited her success to her parents who always inspired her to work hard and strive for excellence, despite their background as farmers.