Ranjan Raj, an Indian actor, is recognized for his notable portrayal of Balamukund Meena in the popular series “Kota Factory.” Hailing from a small district in Bihar, Ranjan has predominantly taken on supporting roles in various films and web series. “Kota Factory” revolves around the lives of students preparing for the highly competitive IIT entrance exams.

Ranjan Raj garnered attention for his immersive portrayal of Meena, effectively transforming the character into a charming figure rather than an unpleasant one. It is believed that Raj drew inspiration from his personal experiences, possibly including his own preparations and dedication towards studying for the IIT entrance exams.

He was a diligent student during his school years, driven by the ambition to become an engineer and provide financial support to his family. His path to success was not without challenges. However, he held a strong vision for his life and passionately pursued his chosen vocation. With unwavering determination, he dedicated significant effort towards achieving recognition in the performing industry, as it was his true calling.

Following the guidance of two influential mentors, Ranjan Raj decided to join a coaching institute in Patna after completing his schooling, with the aim of preparing for the JEE. Despite keeping his aspirations hidden from his parents, his determination remained unwavering. After two years of arduous dedication and enduring numerous challenges, he successfully passed the JEE and secured admission into IIT Bombay. However, driven by his passion for acting, he made the difficult decision to leave the institution and pursue his ambitions in the world of acting.

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Upon his arrival at IIT, Ranjan Raj noticed that his fellow students were involved in various activities beyond their academic pursuits. Inspired by his surroundings, he decided to venture into the world of theater and participated in a few plays. As his friends and acquaintances recognized his talent, his interest in acting grew stronger. Finding joy in the combination of dancing and acting, he made a pivotal decision in his second year of engineering to take his newfound passion seriously. At the age of 27, the actor ultimately made the bold choice to drop out of college and fully devote himself to pursuing his love for acting.

After joining the theater society, he enthusiastically engaged in events organized by other colleges. However, he soon realized the intense competition that permeated the acting industry. Recognizing the need to set himself apart, he was determined to showcase his unique abilities. Ranjan held an unwavering determination to succeed and fulfill his dream of becoming an actor.

The support of his friends played a pivotal role in propelling his acting career forward. Over time, Ranjan Raj realized that his natural inclination and talent lay in acting and theater rather than engineering. Consequently, he made the life-altering decision to leave IIT during his sixth year and wholeheartedly pursue his passion for acting. Alongside his notable appearances in films and videos like “Interval 3D,” “Raju,” “Lots of Love,” “The Monetisation,” “Padh Le Basanti,” and “How to Pass an Exam?,” Ranjan Raj has also actively contributed to the realm of short films.

Ranjan Raj has made significant strides in his acting journey, starting from his humble beginnings as a junior artist in TVF Pitchers to facing setbacks like being deceived for a model photoshoot. However, he has now emerged as a notable actor, portraying compelling characters in popular online series such as TVF Kota Factory. His career in acting is still in its early stages, but his accomplishments thus far are a testament to his growing success.