Nadia Chauhan’s contribution to Parle Agro’s success has been remarkable. Under her leadership, the company’s revenue grew from Rs 186 crore in 2003 to Rs 1604 crore in 2017. With sales reaching around Rs 8000 crore in 2022-2023, she has played a pivotal role in the company’s turnaround.

The Parle Group, founded by Mohanlal Chauhan in 1929, has a rich history. Jayantilal, Mohanlal’s youngest son, ventured into the beverage business in 1959. Iconic brands like Thums Up, Limca, Gold Spot, Citra, and Maaza were owned by the company and later passed on to Ramesh Chauhan and Prakash Chauhan. Nadia Chauhan played a key role in selling these brands to Coca-Cola in the 1990s. Subsequently, Ramesh Chauhan took charge of the Bisleri brand while the businesses were split between the two brothers.

Nadia Chauhan holds the positions of Chief Marketing Officer and Joint Managing Director at Parle Agro, which is under the leadership of Prakash Chauhan. Her sister, Schauna Chauhan, serves as the CEO of the company. 

Nadia’s grooming in the business started early, as she would spend her after-school hours at the company’s Mumbai headquarters, as noted by Forbes.

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Parle Agro was established in 1985, coinciding with Nadia Chauhan’s birth. Prakash Chauhan introduced a mango drink in Tetrapak, a Swedish product. Joining the company at 18, Nadia observed the heavy reliance on Frooti for revenue. 

Determined to diversify, she successfully launched Appy Fizz in 2005, which became a resounding success.

Nadia Chauhan, along with her sister Schauna, spearheaded product innovation at Parle Agro. They introduced India’s first packaged nimboo pani and invested in new manufacturing units. 

Nadia’s strategic relaunch of Frooti in 2015 led to its reduced contribution to overall revenue. The success story continued with the growth of Bailey, the company’s packaged drinking water, becoming a Rs 1000 crore business. Nadia’s vision is to establish Parle Agro as a Rs 20000 crore brand by 2030. 

With responsibilities encompassing strategy, sales, marketing, and R&D, Nadia Chauhan graduated from the HR College of Commerce and Economics.