In 2008, Rashi Narang established the company after having worked as a human resource manager at Citigroup.

At the young age of 24, Rashi Narang embarked on her entrepreneurial journey by establishing Heads Up For Tails. Setting up her office in a spare room of her Delhi house, she drew inspiration from the limited availability of products that her beloved pet Labrador deserved. Motivated by this gap in the market, Rashi began her innovative experiments, crafting simple toys and clothing for pets. In a time when pet products were scarce in India, she faced a lack of reference points and competition. However, after persevering through a challenging fifteen years, her company has emerged as a resounding success. The impressive sales figures of Rs 140 crore in FY 2022 stand as a testament to her remarkable achievements and signify her triumphant arrival in the industry.

Upon initially approaching vendors with her vision of creating products for cats and dogs, Rashi Narang encountered resistance and offense. The vendors were skeptical about the potential popularity of such products. Despite their doubts, Rashi persisted and convinced some vendors to build the desired products. However, her challenges did not end there. Approximately 200 stores outright refused to sell these pet products, fearing they would not generate sufficient demand. Undeterred, Rashi adapted her approach and started selling the products through small kiosks instead. This shift in strategy allowed her to bypass the resistance she faced from traditional retail channels and find alternative avenues to reach her target audience.

Having previously worked as a human resource manager at Citigroup, Narang took the leap to establish her own company in 2008.

After completing her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree at Cardiff University, she furthered her studies in Human Resource Management at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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According to Forbes, Rashi Narang’s entrepreneurial journey encountered a significant hurdle when her husband was transferred to another country. Despite the move, she persevered and continued to run her business remotely, relying on a small team and facing the challenge of operating without any external funding. In 2016, she returned to India and forged a collaboration with The Pet Store. This partnership led to Sandeep Atmaram and Ridhima Coelho becoming her co-founders, marking a pivotal turning point in her journey. The merger proved to be the much-awaited breakthrough, offering a glimmer of hope and success for her business.

In the year 2021, they secured funding of Rs 277 crore.

Through their dedication, they transformed the experience of visiting pet stores into something remarkable. By consistently introducing innovative pet products, they managed to bring quality and value to the market.

Despite lacking business expertise and facing financial constraints that made it difficult to afford the high salaries of corporate leaders, Rashi Narang persevered and overcame these challenges through sheer determination. Her resilience and unwavering commitment allowed her to navigate the hurdles and emerge successfully.

Rashi Narang achieved impressive financial results in FY 2022, with her company’s revenue surpassing Rs 125 crore. This marked a significant increase compared to the previous year when they earned a revenue of Rs 67.5 crore.

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At present, her company boasts an extensive range of 13,000 products from 250 brands, including 400 India First Products. Additionally, they have established a notable presence with over 75 stores and 45 expert pet spas.

Rashi Narang’s journey is undeniably inspiring, demonstrating her ability to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable success in the pet industry.