In 2009, Ravi Kumar, along with Shrini Viswanath and Kavitha Subramanian, co-founded Upstox (formerly known as RKSV Securities). The company’s goal was to offer an investment platform to retail traders and investors in India.

As of now, Upstox stands as the second-largest stock brokerage firm in India, with notable investor Ratan Tata. The company’s tremendous success is evident through its growth and expansion.

During an interview, Ravi Kumar shared his perspective on the average Indian customer, highlighting the significant gap in trading and investment, ease of use, and financial management. He saw this gap as an opportunity for Upstox to assist customers in investing their wealth more effectively.

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Upstox has partnered with the 2023 Indian Premier League to expand its customer base and establish itself as a diversified company. With a net worth of USD 3.4 billion, Upstox now stands as a more valuable company than Zerodha and Groww.

India is witnessing upward socio-economic mobility, highlighting the growing importance of sound financial management practices in society. With a favorable environment for financial education and investment, India is poised to become a hub of the fintech revolution. The country’s aspirational demography is expected to play a crucial role in enabling this reality.