Despite commanding massive wealth, the low-profile billionaire opted not to be associated with the famous business conglomerate that generated his fortune.

Rishad Naoroji, a well-known environmentalist, is among India’s wealthiest individuals, with an estimated net worth of nearly Rs 23,000 crore ($2.8 billion). Despite his massive wealth, he has never been associated with the business conglomerate that is the source of his fortune.

Rishad Naoroji, the cousin of billionaire Adi Godrej, is a major stakeholder in the $5.2 billion Godrej Group. However, he chose not to run the company and instead pursued his passion for wildlife conservation and photography. Despite having the opportunity to hold CEO or MD positions, Rishad recognized the incompatibility of combining his two passions and chose a career as an environmentalist.

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Rishad Naoroji comes from the Godrej business family; his father, Kaikhushru Naoroji, worked for the Godrej group after retiring from Imperial Chemical Industries in England. Rishad’s mother, Dosa, is the second eldest child of Pirojsha Godrej, and Rishad’s maternal granduncle is the founder of the Godrej group, Ardeshir Godrej. Rishad’s unusual interests were sparked by his father.

Rishad’s decision to pursue his passion for birds over the family business did not cause significant discontent within the family. Adi Godrej once stated that it was becoming acceptable for individuals to pursue their interests and live off their shareholdings rather than follow their fathers’ footsteps. Adi expressed admiration for Rishad’s decision.

Rishad Naoroji, not involved in business, actively participates in various fields. He is on the government council of Bombay Natural History Society and founded Raptor Research and Conservation Foundation. He also serves as a committee member of The Himalayan Club and a board member of Tiger Watch Ranthambore.