Having completed her B-Tech from IIT Delhi, Ruchi Kalra pursued her MBA from the Indian School of Business.

India’s most successful start-up founder, Ruchi Kalra, along with her husband Asish Mohapatra, co-founded two profitable unicorns. They prioritize profitability in every transaction, a strategy that sets them apart in a market where growth through the burn is preferred. Despite investor pushback, the couple remains unfazed and continues to prioritize profits in their business strategy.

OfBusiness, a business-to-business platform that sells raw materials and industrial supplies, was founded by Ruchi Kalra in 2015 and has now hit a valuation of Rs 44,000 crore. She is also the CEO of Oxyzo Financial Services, the lending arm of OfBusiness, which raised $200 million at a valuation of $1 billion (Rs 8,200 crore), making her and her husband the first couple in India to build two unicorns.

Similar to her husband, Ruchi Kalra is an IIT Delhi graduate and holds an MBA from the Indian School of Business. In 2017, she co-founded Oxyzo Financial Services, which provides financing for purchases made on its business-to-business platform. Oxyzo offers loans to small and medium-sized businesses.

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For over eight years, Kalra served as a partner at McKinsey. She and her husband manage separate offices, both located in Gurgaon.

The company’s revenue surged from Rs 197.53 crore in the financial year 2021 to Rs 312.97 crore in the following year. In 2021-2022, their profit increased to Rs 60.34 crore, compared to Rs 39.94 crore in the previous year.

During a lecture, Ruchi Kalra expressed her perspective on profit, stating that it must co-exist with growth. She also emphasized the importance of following all the laws of the land while keeping a close watch on costs. 

As a co-founder of of Business, the company’s revenue skyrocketed to Rs 7269 crore in FY-22, as reported by Forbes.

A profit after tax of Rs 125.63 crore was recorded by the company.

In an interview, she revealed that their idea was rejected by 73 investors in 2016, but they only needed one to run their company.

Her net worth in 2022 is estimated to be around Rs 2600 crore.