Saahil Ali is the first DAVV student from Madhya Pradesh’s Indore to receive such a high pay offer.

Saahil Ali, a student at Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalay University (DAVV) in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore, has made history by being given a 1.13 crore yearly package by the Netherlands-based technology giant Adyen. Saahil Ali joined Adyen in February 2023 as a Software Engineer.

Saahil Ali is the first DAVV student to receive such a significant pay offer. Saahil Ali earned his M.Tech from the DAVV’s IIPS College. Throughout his academic career, he was a gifted student. Before Adyen, he was promised Rs 46 lakhs by a Bangalore-based startup.

“I am an undergraduate student who enjoys connecting the dots, whether they are ideas from various disciplines, people from various teams, or applications from various industries.” “I have strong technical skills and an academic background in software engineering and machine learning,” says Saahil Ali on LinkedIn.

“My passion is solving business problems with customized data and algorithms, as well as communicating complex ideas to non-technical stakeholders.” I can work across industries to offer high-performance solutions. Sahil claims he has worked hard to prepare and dream of a bright future. He believes in continuous hard effort and concentration,” he stated.

Saahil Ali credits his accomplishments to his parents and professors. According to Saahil Ali, he spent a long time preparing for placement interviews, and his diligence paid off.

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