Who is Sajjan Jindal? He is the head of the Jindal Group, a company with a net worth of 22 billion dollars which is over Rs 1,80,000 crore.

JSW One Platforms, a B2B e-commerce venture by the JSW Group, has received funding of Rs 205 crore from a Japanese company, which has valued the company at Rs 2,750 crore. The director of JSW One Platforms, Parth Jindal, mentioned that the company intends to provide building materials to all MSMEs. JSW One Platforms was established by the globally acclaimed JSW Group, led by its MD and chairman, Sajjan Jindal.

In 2005, Om Prakash Jindal led the group until he passed away in a helicopter crash. After his death, the company’s business was divided among his four sons. Sajjan Jindal, the eldest of the sons, manages the flagship properties of the company, while his younger son Naveen, based in Delhi, manages Jindal Steel & Power. The group is headed by Savitri Jindal, who is India’s wealthiest woman.

The Jindal group is worth more than 1,80,000 crore rupees, equivalent to 22 billion US dollars. According to Forbes, the net worth of the Jindal family, led by Savitri Jindal, is over 17 billion US dollars, which translates to more than 1,42,84 crore rupees.

Sajjan Jindal, born in 1959, is one of the wealthiest individuals in India. He is the chairman and managing director of the JSW Group, which has business interests in steel, mining, energy, sports, infrastructure, and software development. His father was a politician.

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He has a background in engineering and holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the Ramaiah Institute of Technology in Bengaluru. He began working at his father’s company in 1982.

He is known for bringing the manufacturing of the group’s companies under the umbrella of JSW Group.

His wife’s name is Sangita Jindal. The couple has a son and his name is Parth.

JSW Steel, the company he leads, has described Sajjan Jindal as a recluse. Despite this, Jindal is known for his ability to take calculated risks and maintain an optimistic outlook, even in difficult times.

For the second year in a row, Savitri Jindal, his mother, was named India’s richest woman in the Forbes Billionaires list.

Jindal is known as an ambitious and driven business leader.