Sangeeta Pandey’s success story from Gorakhpur serves as an inspiration for those starting their journey from scratch. Despite limited resources, she persevered, elevating her company’s value from Rs 1500 to Rs 3 crore. Her journey, filled with challenges, unveils the path to her remarkable achievements.

Around ten years ago, Sangeeta Pandey, residing in Gorakhpur, aimed to stabilize her family’s income. To achieve this, she accepted a job earning Rs 4,000 per month at an organization, as reported by IANS. On her first day at work, she brought her nine-month-old baby along, which others objected to, doubting her ability to balance work and motherhood. Realizing this situation was not ideal for her, she resigned the very next day.

Her entrepreneurial spirit emerged when she noticed a store making candy wrapping boxes. Seeing the potential in this business, she sought raw materials, buying them for Rs. 1500 while seeking advice from market entrepreneurs on input costs and item earnings. In just eight hours, she crafted 100 boxes and managed to sell them all, but was informed that similar items were available at a lower cost in Lucknow.

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Determined to improve her business, Sangeeta Pandey saved Rs. 35,000 and traveled to Lucknow to purchase cheaper raw materials. She mortgaged her gold necklace for Rs. 3 lakh and bought a truck to transport the supplies. The company started to thrive, and she expanded further with the aid of two loans, one for Rs. 35 lakh and another for Rs. 50 lakh, establishing a factory and growing her enterprise.

Her means of transportation evolved from bicycles and hand-driven carts to a tempo and a battery-powered rickshaw, as mentioned in IANS. Presently, all three of Sangeeta Pandey’s children attend prestigious educational institutions. She has employed over 100 women in direct and indirect roles, providing training and manufacturing control with the assistance of skilled artisans from Delhi.

Her clientele includes renowned Purvanchal stores, pizzerias, bakeries, and sweets businesses. Despite her success, Sangeeta Pandey remains grounded, supporting women facing similar circumstances by enabling them to work from home.