In a remarkable achievement, Satyam Gandhi, a native of Bihar, has not only passed the prestigious Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on his first attempt but has also secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 10. This is a significant feat as it has become increasingly common for aspirants to clear the UPSC CSE after multiple attempts.

Satyam embarked on his civil services journey in May 2019, during his third year of graduation. Unlike many others, he chose to rely on self-study rather than enrolling in a coaching facility. He dedicated a staggering 12 hours each day to studying in a private room at his home.

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Having spent 18 years of his life in Bihar, Satyam expresses his desire to prioritize the Bihar cadre for his posting. He believes that the initial stage of achieving success in the civil services examination is now accomplished, and he is eager to contribute to the rural development of the country in the years to come. Being well aware of the challenges faced by the people of Bihar on a daily basis, he aims to be of service and assist them in their development.

Satyam offers valuable advice to future aspirants, suggesting they devote 10-12 hours daily to self-study. He emphasizes the importance of defining clear objectives and setting weekly and monthly goals to stay focused. Drawing from his own experience, he highlights the significance of creating well-prepared notes, which played a crucial role in his success. Satyam also undertook a rigorous practice regimen, attempting 120 mock exams to identify and address his weak areas. He sought assistance from Internet coaching resources to excel in the interview round.

For the preliminary exams, Satyam Gandhi underscores the importance of three key disciplines: economics, politics, and history. He advises candidates to allocate more attention to these subjects along with current affairs. Notably, Satyam’s optional subject of choice was political science.

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Satyam Gandhi’s remarkable achievement serves as an inspiration to countless aspirants who invest years of hard work and determination into their civil services preparation. His dedication to self-study and focus on the needs of Bihar’s rural population exemplify the qualities that make an outstanding civil servant.