Haryana-born Vijay Vardhan’s journey is a beacon of hope and inspiration for many aspiring civil servants. Despite facing numerous setbacks and disappointments in his pursuit of cracking government exams, he remained undeterred in his resolve. Ultimately, his unwavering determination paid off when he conquered the most formidable exam in the nation – the UPSC.

Having faced failure in an astonishing 35 competitive exams, Vijay Vardhan’s story is a testament to resilience and self-belief. Refusing to succumb to the discouragement that accompanied each setback, he remained steadfast in his pursuit of success. In the year 2018, his relentless efforts bore fruit as he secured an impressive 104th rank in the UPSC examination.

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Not content with merely achieving the coveted title of an IPS officer, Vijay Vardhan continued to learn from his past mistakes and strived for greater heights. Determined to realize his dream of becoming an IAS officer, he pursued the UPSC exam again and emerged triumphant.

Vijay Vardhan’s early life in Sirsa, Haryana, laid the foundation for his illustrious journey. After completing his electronics engineering studies in Hisar, he ventured to Delhi to prepare rigorously for the UPSC exams. Despite facing numerous failures, he remained resolute and persistent, refusing to give up on his aspirations.

A testament to his unwavering spirit, Vijay Vardhan cracked the UPSC not once, but twice – first in 2018 and then in 2021. His extraordinary achievement stands as a symbol of dedication and perseverance.

When asked about his success mantra, Vijay Vardhan humbly advised the youth to believe in themselves and trust their abilities. He often reiterated that aspiring individuals are their best instructors, encouraging them to keep faith in their potential.

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Vijay Vardhan’s incredible journey from repeated failures to becoming an IAS officer serves as an inspiration to countless individuals across the nation. His story reminds us all that with steadfast determination and self-belief, even the most daunting of challenges can be overcome, and dreams can be turned into reality.