Nithin Kamath, who is the CEO of Zerodha, recently posted a photo and shared some insights from his father-in-law who manages a grocery store.

Nithin Kamath, the co-founder of Zerodha, took to Instagram on Monday to share a valuable life lesson he learned from his father-in-law Shivaji Patil, who is a 70-year-old grocery store owner. According to Mr. Kamath’s Instagram post, Mr. Patil chose to leave his position as a Havaldar in the Indian Army so that he could open his own grocery store in Belgaum, Karnataka. The post was quite lengthy, detailing the inspiring story of Mr. Patil’s decision to pursue entrepreneurship.

In his Instagram post, Mr. Kamath explained that his father-in-law, Mr. Patil, had served in the Indian Army and had voluntarily retired as a Havaldar after losing his fingers to frostbite during the Kargil War. Despite this setback, Mr. Patil went on to start his own grocery store in Belgaum.

According to Mr. Kamath, Mr. Patil is the perfect example of the trait of contentment. In his post, Mr. Kamath emphasized that contentment is the key to achieving genuine freedom.

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Mr. Patil, who is now 70 years old, continues to go to the local market regularly on his decades-old scooter to purchase groceries for his shop. Despite being specially-abled, he manages the shop with the help of Mr. Kamath’s mother-in-law, who also takes care of the household responsibilities.

Mr. Kamath also revealed that despite his and his wife’s achievements, Mr. Patil continued to work and run the grocery store.

Mr. Kamath shared that whenever he asks Mr. Patil about the profit margins for different products in the shop, there is still a spark in his eye. He talks about the 25% margin he makes on selling chikkis, which involves buying a box of chikkis for ₹ 200 and selling them individually for ₹ 250.

Mr. Patil’s dedication to his work and entrepreneurial spirit was evident even when Mr. Kamath asked him for his daughter’s hand in marriage. At the time, Mr. Patil was facing financial difficulties, and he suggested that Mr. Kamath should consider taking a government job instead.

“I have been geeking out about increasing healthspan or how to live a good life until the end. I have no doubt that the answer is to be content and never stop being active mentally and physically. Money can’t buy this, and he is the best example,” he added.