Fulfilling one’s dreams through dedication and hard work is a remarkable achievement, as exemplified by 23-year-old Soham Mahapatra from Jhargham, West Bengal. Soham always aspired to become a scientific researcher, and soon, his dreams will materialize as he joins the renowned Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) in Mumbai as a trainee scientific officer.

Soham Mahapatra’s journey began in a private school in Jhargram, where he completed his education until Class 4. He later pursued his higher secondary education at Kumudkumari Institution in 2015. His academic prowess led him to secure admission to the Government College of Engineering and Ceramic Technology in Beleghata through JEE 2017, where he pursued BTech in the Computer Science and Technology department.

In 2021, Soham successfully completed his graduation and secured a lucrative position at a private organization in Noida, earning an impressive salary of Rs 12 lakh. His hard work and dedication earned him the coveted Best Employee Award. However, despite his success, Soham had grander ambitions, pushing him to leave his high-paying job to prepare for the challenging Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) exam.

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Displaying an unwavering commitment to his goal, Soham embarked on a rigorous self-study regime for ten months, resulting in an excellent GATE score. His exceptional achievement opened the doors to further opportunities, leading to his admission to IIT Patna. There, he discovered that BARC had announced vacancies for recruitment, prompting him to apply for his dream job.

“I always sought a profession that would challenge my intellect. Although some misunderstood my decision to leave my previous job, my true aspiration was to pursue research,” said Soham Mahapatra.

Through his determination and academic excellence, Soham Mahapatra’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring researchers and students across the country. His impending joining at the prestigious Bhabha Atomic Research Centre heralds a bright future, full of potential for groundbreaking contributions in the field of science and technology.