Somashekar Pogula’s fascinating tale takes us through his transformation from a corporate role in the FMCG sector to becoming a successful entrepreneur who founded Adithi Millets. This remarkable journey showcases the power of perseverance in the face of life’s challenges, ultimately leading to triumph. The story demonstrates that hard work and determination often pave the way for success.

Somashekar Pogula’s path took a significant turn after a personal tragedy in 2013 – the loss of his father. This unfortunate event deeply affected him and reshaped his perspective on life. In response, he established Adithi Millets in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, with a mission to promote healthier eating habits and improve the livelihoods of farmers.

The journey of Somashekar Pogula, a graduate with an MBA degree, unfolded over six years in the millet industry. This path was ignited by a traumatic experience that fundamentally changed his outlook on nutrition and dietary habits. The Better India reported on this inspiring narrative, highlighting Somashekar Pogula’s transition from being employed in a corporation within the FMCG sector to becoming an entrepreneur who initiated Adithi Millets.

The inception of the millet business was rooted in a turning point that occurred in 2013. Somashekar’s father fell ill with a kidney condition, and despite medical efforts, the exact cause remained elusive. Months of hospital visits and escalating medical bills strained the family’s finances. Tragically, Somashekar’s father lost the battle in 2013.

During his numerous visits to the hospital, Somashekar Pogula observed a concerning trend – many patients suffered from ailments linked to poor dietary choices. He deduced that the prevalence of these health issues was a consequence of the heavy use of pesticides and chemicals in modern agricultural practices.

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However, the motivation to join an agricultural startup was not solely driven by this realization. Having a background rooted in farming, Somashekar intimately understood the challenges faced by farming communities, including the alarming crisis of farmer suicides in Indian villages. Driven by his connection to these communities, he made the courageous decision to leave his corporate job behind and dedicate himself to the farming community in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh.

In the beginning, Somashekar collaborated with farmers who practiced natural and organic farming methods. Over time, some farmers began using pesticides and achieved better yields, prompting others to follow suit. Somashekar’s approach was not to impose new methods on these farmers but to reintroduce traditional organic practices that were deeply rooted in their heritage.

Adithi Millets, which commenced its journey with 30 farmers in 2017, has since grown exponentially to encompass over 200 farmers. The enterprise boasts an annual revenue of Rs 2 crore, as reported by The Better India. Operating across three districts and seven villages in Kurnool, Somashekar Pogula’s initiative is aptly named “Millets to Millions,” reflecting the mission to raise public awareness about the exceptional nutritional value of these superfoods.

When asked about his decision to focus on millet, Somashekar highlights their immense nutritional benefits and their potential to complement everyone’s diet. He underscores the simplicity of growing millets, emphasizing that farmers can pursue this avenue without burdening themselves with hefty loans.