Suraj Tiwari triumphs over challenges and achieves exceptional results in the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

In a truly remarkable demonstration of resilience and determination, Suraj Tiwari, a resident of the peaceful town of Mainpuri, has achieved an extraordinary feat that surpasses the boundaries of adversity. Despite the tragic loss of both his lower limbs, his right arm, and two valuable fingers on his left hand in a devastating train accident at the bustling junction of Dadri in Ghaziabad in 2017, Suraj Tiwari has emerged as a victorious contender. He successfully cleared the prestigious UPSC Civil Services Examination, showcasing exceptional English proficiency and securing an impressive rank of 917.

Against formidable odds, a cohort of 933 individuals has achieved an unprecedented triumph, showcasing their exceptional intellectual abilities and unwavering determination in conquering the challenges posed by the demanding UPSC Civil Services Examination. Suraj Tiwari’s remarkable feat stands as a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Through unwavering dedication and resolute perseverance, he has emerged victorious, solidifying his place among the distinguished individuals who have successfully navigated the intricate path of this esteemed examination, symbolizing academic and intellectual fortitude at its pinnacle.

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Filled with immense joy, Ramesh Kumar Tiwari, the father of Suraj Tiwari, expresses his profound satisfaction on this splendid day. Asha Devi Tiwari, Suraj Tiwari’s mother, joins in and echoes her husband’s sentiment, expressing heartfelt admiration for their courageous offspring. Suraj’s unwavering determination and relentless perseverance have been the driving forces behind his remarkable accomplishments.