Taniya Biswas is the proprietor of a brand that specializes in selling soft mulmul cotton sarees. Through her efforts, these malmal cotton sarees have become a popular fashion trend.

In 2013, Taniya Biswas earned her degree from IIM Lucknow. She then commenced her entrepreneurial journey alongside her sister, Sujata Biswas, after gaining experience at Tata Group and IBM. Both sisters had achieved success in their respective careers. They founded a saree brand called Suta in 2016, which has since grown into a substantial company with a value exceeding Rs 50 crore. The brand’s name, Suta, is derived from the first two letters of their names.

Suta, the saree brand founded by Taniya and Sujata Biswas, specializes in selling soft mulmul cotton sarees with exquisite designs. These malmal cotton sarees have gained popularity through their efforts. The name of the brand, Suta, translates to “thread” in English. These sarees are typically worn at home as per tradition.

Taniya and Sujata Biswas came up with the idea for their saree brand when they realized that there were no retailers selling the kind of sarees that their mother and grandmother used to wear. The saree market was dominated by either stiff or flashy sarees. They aimed to shift the perception that only elderly women or widows wore these sarees and provide a comfortable alternative for all women. In an interview with ET, they expressed their desire to change the market’s perception and offer a fresh take on traditional sarees.

Prior to launching their successful saree brand, Taniya and Sujata Biswas ventured into various other business endeavours. They opened a pancake chain, which unfortunately closed down after just two months. They also launched a photography page and created clothing such as dresses with pockets and loose pants. Throughout these experiences, they discovered their passion for product creation, which led them to eventually design sarees.

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In 2016, Taniya and Sujata Biswas quit their high-paying jobs and dedicated themselves fully to their saree business. They invested Rs 3 lakh each to kick-start the venture.

Taniya and Sujata Biswas were also motivated to support artisans and craftsmen through their saree business. Their vision for promoting traditional crafts proved to be successful.

Taniya and Sujata Biswas faced difficulties in finding the right fabric for their sarees. They were determined to source starch-free fabric but encountered obstacles as none of the materials available was without starch.

Taniya and Sujata Biswas aimed to provide their customers with a soft and comfortable feel through their sarees.

Taniya and Sujata Biswas eventually found a weaver couple in Santipur, West Bengal who were willing to create sarees with the desired starch-free fabric for them, as reported by a newspaper. This partnership became the foundation of their successful saree business. The demand for their sarees took off quickly, with their initial stock selling out within just 5-6 days.

Taniya and Sujata Biswas have a remarkable customer return rate of 40-45 per cent, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction with their saree brand, Suta.

Suta sarees are priced between Rs 2,800 and Rs 3,000, with 30-40 per cent of the cost going towards paying the weavers. The company’s revenue in the financial year 2022-2023 amounted to Rs 56 crore, which is impressive given their initial investment of just Rs 6 lakh. Looking towards the future, Taniya and Sujata Biswas aim to achieve a revenue of Rs 100 crore in the upcoming year.

In addition to its success within India, Suta has also expanded its reach by exporting its sarees to foreign countries.

According to a report by ET, Suta currently employs 200 people and supports 17,000 weavers.

Taniya Biswas completed her engineering degree from NIT (National Institute of Technology).