Transitioning from a model and social media sensation, Taskeen Khan holds a captivating narrative of her journey towards cracking the UPSC civil services exam, choosing a path divergent from her aspirations of participating in the Miss India competition.

Former Miss Uttarakhand, Taskeen Khan, once aspired to be crowned Miss India. However, life took a different turn, and now this former beauty queen is poised to become a distinguished bureaucrat in the country. Taskeen recently achieved a remarkable feat by cracking the prestigious civil services examination, securing an impressive all-India rank of 736.

Taskeen, a prominent social media influencer with a sizable fanbase, achieved notable victories by securing the titles of Ms. Dehradun and Ms. Uttarakhand in 2016-17. Initially destined for the national stage, her path took an unexpected turn when her father retired, prompting her to embark on a new mission: cracking the UPSC CSE exam. After enduring three unsuccessful attempts, Taskeen’s unwavering determination and diligent efforts paid off as she triumphantly conquered the highly competitive examination, exemplifying the true meaning of patience and hard work.

Taskeen candidly admitted in a recent interview that she wasn’t a top-performing student during her early school years, particularly struggling with mathematics until the 8th grade. However, she made a remarkable comeback by achieving above 90 percent in both her Class 10 and Class 12 board exams, specializing in the science stream. Not only was Taskeen an accomplished basketball champion, but she also excelled as a national-level debater, in addition to pursuing a successful career as a professional model and actor. Although she qualified for admission to NIT (National Institute of Technology) after high school, financial constraints prevented her from joining the prestigious institution.

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After her remarkable success, Taskeen, a BSc graduate, shared insights into her UPSC preparation journey. Her path was far from conventional. Surprisingly, the inspiration to pursue UPSC came from an IAS aspirant who happened to be one of her Instagram followers. Subsequently, Taskeen relocated to Mumbai to focus on her UPSC studies at the Hajj House. Taking advantage of Jamia’s free entrance exam coaching, she later moved to Delhi in 2020. Despite grappling with financial constraints at home due to her father’s modest pension, Taskeen Khan defied the odds and triumphantly cracked the prestigious exam, now on the verge of realizing her dream as a distinguished government official.