Soudi frequently shares pictures and videos from her extravagant vacations and trips to lavish resorts and islands. According to Soudi, she is a wealthy homemaker residing in Dubai and boasts millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram.

Today, we have a remarkable story about a woman who indulges in extravagant shopping sprees, spending nearly Rs 70 lakh in just one day. According to a report by the Daily Star, this woman, known as Soudi, considers spending her husband’s money as a hobby. Soudi currently resides in Dubai with her husband, where she enjoys a luxurious lifestyle.

Soudi was quoted as saying, “In one shopping spree, we typically spend anywhere between £3,600 to £72,000, depending on Jamal’s (her husband) mood.” Saudi also mentioned that her preferred designers are Dior, while her husband’s favorite is Hermes.

Soudi frequently shares photos and videos showcasing her extravagant vacations and trips to opulent resorts and islands. She claims to be a wealthy housewife from Dubai and boasts millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram. The couple has a penchant for matching cars, and Jamal has even gifted Soudi a Birkin bag and two vehicles.

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During an interview with Cover Real Life, Soudi revealed her fondness for designer clothing and handbags, expressing her preference for luxury brands. She mentioned that she effortlessly spends around Rs 14-15 lakh on each trip she takes. Soudi recently embarked on a trip to the Maldives, which incurred expenses of Rs 12.78 lakh. Soudi and her husband share a mutual love for the Maldives and frequently visit London every few months. They have also recently returned from a trip to Seychelles. Soudi expressed their desire to travel to Japan as their next destination.

Soudi and Jamal undoubtedly lead an exhilarating life. Soudi expressed her affection for manicures, revealing that each session costs approximately Rs 63,000. She further shared her love for surprises, particularly when Jamal arranges exclusive restaurant bookings just for the two of them, amounting to £1,080 (approximately Rs 96,000). Soudi mentioned that Jamal always selects her outfit for the evening and concludes the night with a surprise gift.

For those who may not be familiar, Soudi was born in Sussex, while her husband Jamal hails from Saudi Arabia and is a wealthy individual. Soudi relocated to Dubai at the age of six and crossed paths with her future husband while attending university in the city. After four wedding celebrations, the couple officially tied the knot and have now been happily married for two years.