Tia Sharma, presented to the public by actress Mouni Roy and her husband Suraj Nambiar, is India’s first AI-powered virtual influencer.

The world of fashion has been dominated by Instagram influencers, but India has recently introduced a new-age influencer powered by Artificial Intelligence. Tia Sharma, the first AI-powered virtual influencer in India, has made her debut and has already become an inspiration to Bollywood actress Mouni Roy. She was presented to the public by Mouni Roy and her husband, Suraj Nambiar.

Tia Sharma marks the beginning of a new wave of AI-powered social media influencers who are poised to make an impact in various industries like food, fashion, culture, and more in India. Mouni Roy and her husband Suraj Nambiar introduced the country’s first AI-based influencer, Tia Sharma.

According to Mouni Roy, Tia Sharma will soon become a leading AI-generated fashion influencer in India. Using artificial intelligence, Tia will engage with the audience and determine their preferences. Mouni Roy even revealed that Tia has been helping her select her fashionable outfits lately.

According to Mouni Roy, who is known for her role in Naagin, Tia Sharma is using AI algorithms to analyze her historical taste and current fashion trends to help her select outfits. She called Tia a “true game-changer” in the industry. Roy’s husband, Suraj Nambiar, added that Tia Sharma has the potential to create inspiring content.

Meet Tia Sharma

How Does Tia Sharma Use Her AI Abilities?

Tia Sharma, the first AI-powered influencer in India, plans to use her artificial intelligence and user interface to conduct interviews with fashion experts and design fashionable outfits for celebrities. Additionally, Tia Sharma will interact with her followers on social media.

However, Tia Sharma is just the beginning of a new wave of AI-powered influencers. Soon, AI will be used to power influencers in various industries including news, sports, singing, performing arts, and more.

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