A stunning story has emerged from the Pudhukkulamgara Devi Temple in Kerala, leaving everyone amazed. Unnikrishnan VL, a 34-year-old priest at the temple, has revealed an astonishing secret about his life. In addition to his religious duties, Unnikrishnan has a completely different and thrilling side – he’s a passionate biker!

Unnikrishnan, who comes from the peaceful town of Vaikom in Kottayam district, is not just a dedicated priest. After he finishes his sacred duties at the temple of Goddess Durga, he transforms into an enthusiastic biker. This surprising change from his calm religious role to a rugged biker appearance was initially a shock to the local worshippers. However, it has now become an exciting and widely shared story.

Despite his commitment to the temple, Unnikrishnan has a background in computer science and used to work in the IT field, including a job at the well-known company Xerox. According to a report from the Times of India, his daily routine starts by opening the gates of the Majnoor village temple for early morning visitors. After performing rituals and prayers, he quickly changes into his biker outfit and sets off on thrilling rides with his Hero Xpulse 200.

Unnikrishnan’s love for motorcycles goes back to 2007 when he got his driver’s license. He became skilled in stunt riding and even joined a racing club in Kochi in 2011. However, his corporate career took precedence, and he put his passion on hold when he started working in 2010. But the call of the open road was too strong to resist, leading him to leave his office job around 2013. During this time, he embarked on an extensive motorcycle journey that took him across India and Nepal.

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Being the son of a priest, Unnikrishnan was familiar with religious practices. Tragically, after his father’s untimely passing in 2019, he took on the role of a full-time priest at the Pudhukkulamgara Devi Temple. According to TOI, he has been faithfully serving as the temple’s priest since December 2021. Notably, Unnikrishnan holds an official motorcycle racing license given by the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India, and he has even taken part in the Indian National Rally Championship.

Unnikrishnan VL’s extraordinary journey is a remarkable example of how different passions in life can come together unexpectedly. His story, which blends dedication and excitement, continues to capture the hearts of the community.