Vinita Gupta holds the position of CEO at Lupin Ltd, a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry in both India and the United States.

Vinita Gupta stands out as one of the few women leading a major pharmaceutical corporation. As a second-generation business leader, she serves as the CEO of Lupin Ltd, a company with a market capitalization of Rs 35,237 crore. While her late father, the esteemed business magnate Desh Bandhu Gupta, founded this multi-billion dollar enterprise, Vinita is recognized for her remarkable achievements in expanding the company’s Cglobal presence and propelling Lupin to new heights.

After completing her undergraduate studies at the University of Mumbai, Vinita Gupta embarked on an MBA program at the Kellogg School of Management in the United States. Even before joining her father’s company, her sole objective was to unlock Lupin’s complete potential by entering the US market. Now, two decades later, she has emerged as one of the most influential women in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States.

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During her studies in the United States, Vinita Gupta thoroughly examined the market landscape. Her father entrusted her with the task of developing a blueprint for Lupin’s expansion in the US market. Through her strategic efforts, Vinita propelled the US business from a mere 5 percent of Lupin’s total turnover to an impressive share of over 45 percent. Her remarkable achievements have garnered numerous business awards and secured her place in esteemed power lists throughout the years. Vinita played a pivotal role in leading Lupin during its monumental overseas acquisition in 2018, when the company acquired US-based Gavis Pharma for Rs 5,610 crore ($880 million), marking the largest-ever overseas acquisition by an Indian pharmaceutical firm.

Vinita Gupta co-manages Lupin alongside her brother Nilesh Gupta, who holds the position of Managing Director. In 2013, she was appointed as the CEO of the company. Their mother, Manju Gupta, serves as the non-executive chairman of Lupin. Vinita is married to Brij Sharma, a wealthy entrepreneur and investor. They reside in the United States and have a son named Krish Sharma. The combined net worth of Vinita, the Gupta family, and their assets has been reported to be $2.8 billion.