Enthusiasm and determination are often cited as crucial ingredients for success. Overcoming life’s challenges and viewing one’s weaknesses as stepping stones, rather than obstacles, has enabled many individuals to achieve significant goals. Yash Sonakia from Madhya Pradesh, who was born blind, is a prime example of unwavering willpower.

Who is Yash Sonakia?

Yash Sonakia, a resident of Madhya Pradesh, graduated with a B.Tech degree from the Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science (SGSITS) in Indore in 2021. Despite battling glaucoma from birth, Yash Sonakia persevered, and at the age of eight, he became visually impaired.

Yash Sonakia’s father, Yashpal Sonakia, manages a canteen. Until the fifth grade, Yash received his education at a school for students with disabilities, but later transitioned to a regular school. His sister played a crucial role in assisting him, especially in subjects like math and science.

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Despite his visual impairment, Yash Sonakia did not let it deter him from achieving success. He received a job offer from Microsoft, one of the largest IT companies in the world, with an annual salary of Rs 47 lakh. He has been hired to work at the company’s Bangalore office as a software engineer, and was initially assigned to work from home.

How did he land on Rs 47 lakh package?

After finishing his coursework with the aid of a screen reader, Yash Sonakia began looking for employment and submitted an application to Microsoft after learning how to code. Sonakia has been chosen for the position of software engineer in the company’s Bengaluru branch following an online test and interview. 

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