Yashish Dahiya, a distinguished engineering graduate from the prestigious IIT, has risen to prominence as one of the most notable affluent individuals in Noida. Notably, he furthered his academic journey by completing his MBA from the renowned IIM Ahmedabad. Departing from conventional paths, Dahiya defied familial expectations by venturing into entrepreneurship, a decision that has undoubtedly paid off.

Founding Policy Bazaar, Dahiya’s brainchild has evolved into one of India’s most prominent insurance platforms, carving a substantial niche in the industry. Hailing from a family rooted in the Indian Army, Dahiya’s upbringing instilled values of perseverance and dedication.

Interestingly, Dahiya’s journey embarked from humble beginnings, initiating his professional career by launching coaching classes within the confines of his Noida residence. However, familial aspirations aligned with his outstanding academic achievements, leading him towards a trajectory of greater aspirations.

Under familial guidance, Dahiya initially found himself engaged in a packaging company, subsequently securing a position with an Indore-based packaging firm. Ultimately, his entrepreneurial spirit beckoned him, prompting the establishment of FB Fintech, a move that garnered substantial recognition as the company made its debut on the market in 2021.

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As FB Fintech’s ventures into the public market unfurled, Yashish Dahiya and his co-founders were rewarded with Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) valued at a noteworthy Rs 1044 crore. Impressively, Dahiya’s share of the ESOPs amounted to Rs 614 crore, while his co-founder Bansal received a substantial Rs 361 crore, and Sarbvir Singh acquired Rs 69 crore.

Remarkably, the allocation of 12 million ESOPs to founders and top-level executives was stipulated with a five-year vesting period, contingent upon the company’s market capitalization maintaining a threshold of 5 billion dollars.

Shifting the focus to fiscal matters, Dahiya’s gross remuneration for FY 2022 totaled an impressive Rs 235 crore, with a fixed salary component of Rs 56 crore. Further augmenting his financial status, the Hurun list estimated Dahiya’s net worth in 2022 to be an enviable Rs 1100 crore, solidifying his stature as a pivotal figure in Noida’s economic landscape.