On Tuesday in Benoni, something familiar happened on the cricket field. Indian players rushed onto the field after securing their spot in the ICC U19 World Cup final for the fifth time in a row – a record! This marks their 9th final overall. Meanwhile, South African players were disappointed, with some even crying. The game lasted for 98.5 overs and swung back and forth. In the end, Raj Limbani’s powerful shot ended the match, causing wild celebrations among the Indian team and sadness for the hosts.

As soon as Limbani hit the ball, Indian players gathered around the boundary. Captain Uday Saharan blocked them with his arms outstretched. The moment before the ball crossed the boundary felt like forever. But when it did, they charged in, led by Saharan screaming joyfully. It’s hard to believe that he was upset with Limbani for running him out just a moment ago. 

In contrast, the South African team was in despair. Tristan Luus and Nqobani Mokoena looked defeated, while others cried. Kwena Maphaka, their star player, tried to comfort his teammates. Seeing a South African team lose in a crucial match is tough, no matter the age group. Minutes later, Saharan shook hands and hugged Juan James, the South African captain. It was a memorable semi-final.

South Africa started well, but India struggled against their strong bowling. Despite a challenging situation at 32/4, Saharan and Sachin Dhas built a remarkable partnership. Dhas played aggressively, hitting boundaries, while Saharan steadied the ship. Their partnership showcased excellent batting skills.

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As the required run rate increased, Dhas and Saharan scored crucial runs. However, Dhas fell short of a century, and the pressure mounted. Avanish and Murugan tried to keep the momentum, but South Africa fought back. In the end, Raj Limbani hit a crucial boundary, securing India’s victory and a spot in the final.