Shiv Aroor Age43 years
Date of Birth25-09-1980
ProfessionJournalist, TV anchor and editor
Shiv Aroor Age

What Is The Age Of Shiv Aroor?

Shiv Aroor age is 43 years, who’s was born on 25 September 1980. He worked for one of the prominent newspapers named Indian Express.

Biography of Shiv Aroor

Shiv Aroor worked as a news reporter before coming into television. He then started working as a news anchor for the India Today channel. He has his own website where he keeps posting various news. Shiv has covered many military conflicts from various Libya and Sri Lanka regions.

Real NameShiv Aroor
Age 43 years
Date of Birth25 September 1980
Mother TongueHindi
Zodiac SignNot known
EducationBA (Hon) English, MA International Journalism
Personal Details

Shiv Aroor Physical Stats

Shiv Aroor is very fit and radiates a positive aura. He looks very fit and well maintained. Check out the table below for detailed knowledge about his physical stats.

Height5’8″ feet
Weight78 kg
Chest44 inches
Waist34 inches
Biceps14 inches
Physical Stats of Shiv

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Shiv Aroor Educational Qualification

Shiv Aroor has been a meritorious student since childhood. He graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in India – St. Stephen’s College, Delhi with BA honours. Then he moved to Cardiff University to complete his master’s in international journalism.

Shiv Aroor Net Worth And Salary

Shiv Aroor is estimated to have a net worth in Indian rupees 16 crore. Multiple relevant sources state he gets an estimated monthly salary of INR 2 lakh.

Net Worth in Dollar$2 million (estimated)
Net Worth in Indian Rupees₹16 crore (estimated)
Shiv Aroor Net Worth

Shiv Aroor’s First Book – Operation Jinnah

Operation Jinnah is a thriller based on the military. The book is set in Kashmir, New York and some other places and talks about the Kashmir conflict. The book is about an ordinary Kashmiri girl who gets kidnapped. It has various historical incidents, including the Parliament attack and fictionalized accounts of how the Prime Minister and chief of naval staff dealt with it. It reads like a James Bond film. It has all the things that a thriller needs.

The book has those dramatic moments and a thrilling experience at the end. The opening is also well structured. It is a book set in a realistic setting with a fictional plot. In his book, Shiv hasn’t mentioned the names of the prime ministers and presidents of the USA and India because he thinks mentioning them would create a sense that they are way too many characters, and he needed to flesh out that completely.

Even though he had a realistic setting which was the bleak day of 26 November, and the facts could not have been changed, there was a different prime minister at that time. He wanted the same prime minister to continue throughout the book. And in real-life incidents, novel timelines come into play, so he decided to keep the prime minister nameless when we were writing the novel. The US elections were going on, and he didn’t know who the next president would be, so he decided to keep him nameless.

The names of the characters he has mentioned have nothing to do with caste stereotypes, and he despises caste stereotypes. All the names in the book are the combination of the names of the people he knows who serve within the military forces and special forces who had something to do with the book. It was a small way to immortalize them. He had no intention behind it. When he wrote the book, he brought the emotions of what people were going through.

Shiv Aroor On Writing Books

According to Shiv, he has never done anything as difficult as writing a whole book. He has written both fiction and nonfiction simultaneously because they both were related to the military, and there was a certain level of overlap.

Writing fiction was much harder for him. The fiction book he wrote was his first book, and the plot differed from the usual crafting. When he started writing, non-nonfiction fiction books had almost ended, so he knew how to approach things, schedule time, be more disciplined about writing etc. He enjoyed writing the books, and his books were fulfilling. He thinks he is still learning and acquiring the discipline necessary to write books.

If someone is writing a book, they are just opening a beautiful gateway to telling those stories that no one ever hears about. He says even the army officials and soldiers are not robots; they have families, girlfriends, children and people they leave behind. Even military people don’t know the stories of soldiers, so it’s a revelation. Now there’s an appetite for soldier stories.

Shiv Aroor Obsession With Forces

Shiv’s obsession with the armed forces started as an obsession with fighter aircraft. Initially, he worked as a defence journalist for Indian Express in 2004. After he started as a defence journalist, there was no looking back. He fell in love with the subject. He loved the defence forces, the technical aspects of defence and the use of equipment.

He was lucky enough to spend time with soldiers on the frontline. For him, it is an amazing, perplexing and bewildering subject, and nothing is more interesting than this. But he doesn’t glorify weapons, but many people think he does.

He only has a technical interest in equipment, aircraft and weapons. When one is given a chance to fire a weapon, he should go for it, but it’s more complicated than just being in love with a weapon. According to him, a true patriot believes in peace, progress and betterment of the country on a large scale.

Shiv says that the current atmosphere has become vitiated by the definitions of nationalism, and he believes that journalism if it goes forward telling the truth, which is informing the public and creating a better informed India, is good for the country; it circles back to being patriotic.

What Shiv Aroor Has To Say About Women In Combat In His Book?

In his book, Shiv Aroor placed women as para commandos. But the reality is much different from that. According to him, it may take more than a decade for the government to appoint women to higher posts.

Shiv believes that in special forces, women can be a part because it is not just about physical strength; there are very difficult tests, and there’s no reason women can’t pass. A major part of the special forces operation is survivability, endurance, mental agility, and mental toughness. There will be many ways in which women will probably be better than men.

Shiv Aroor On Demolition Of Twin Towers In Noida

Shiv Aroor calls the twin towers a tale of greed, injustice and demolition that the world has ever witnessed. It is India’s biggest demolition story. It was built in violation of many norms. For the flat owners in the Supertech towers, it is justice, but at the same time, it is saddening as well.

The demolition of the twin towers is the crashing of hopes and dreams of many potential homeowners. Though the builder’s plans have compensated them, many families have also crashed with the buildings.

Shiv Aroor On News

According to Shiv, the definition of news has been violently pulled apart in the Indian context. He says that people do like a lot of personalities in the news. And now, the news is no longer a soulless news anchor delivering news; it’s about personality and opinion.

Many people watch primetime debates for visceral entertainment, not to get informed about an issue. But in India Today, they strike a balance in terms of news, opinions and editorial. The drama that is there in primetime news is just there and a part of the news cycle now.

Shiv Aroor On Agneepath Scheme

According to him, the pros of the Agneepath scheme are that the intentions of the entire scheme are extremely noble and noble. The Indian military is unmanageably large. Half of India’s vast defence budget goes into pensions and salaries, which have to be reduced. These things can’t be ignored; they must be acted against.

Committee after committee for decades together have tried to right-size the Indian military because they are so unwieldy, not agile, and not lean and mean. But there are concerns about whether cost cutting is an experiment that should happen with the military.

The military is unlike any other organization; it’s just not like any other institution. It deals with national security, sovereignty, and border. There are many societal issues as well that come as a fallout. One of the big concerns is whether Agneepath is a reform that is necessary for the larger perspectives.

Shiv Aroor Social Media Profile

Shiv Aroor has gathered a very good fan following for his skills. He is quite popular on social media.


Shiv Aroor Instagram Profile

Shiv Aroor Twitter Profile

Some Facts About Shiv Aroor

  • According to Shiv, the definition of news has been violently pulled apart in the Indian context.
  • Shiv Aroor is a writer.
  • He is very passionate about whales, sharks and marine biology.
  • If Shiv had not been a journalist, he would have been a marine biologist.
  • Shiv is very enthusiastic about the military.
  • He is not an army brat.
  • He has written 2-3 books based on the military.
  • Shiv Aroor doesn’t smoke.
  • Shiv Aroor has a son.
  • He has written a series of books.
  • The name of the series of books by Shiv is India’s most fearless series.
  • Shiv wrote his first book in 2017 and then another series of books in 2018 and 2019.


Is Shiv an army brat?

No, Shiv Aroor is a civilian and journalist by profession.

Is Shiv married?

Yes, Shiv Aroor is married with Tavleen Singh Aroor.

Does Shiv have any siblings?

It is not known whether Shiv has any siblings or not.